List Of Publications:


  1. n-Bu4NI/TBHP-catalyzedC-N Bond formation via Cross-degydrogenative Coupling of 1H-1,2,4-triazoles (N-H) and Methylarenes (Csp3-H). Habtamu Abebe, Siddaiah Vidavalur, Venkateswara Rao Battula. RSC Adv.2016, 6, 82289.
  2. An efficient n-Bu4NI-catalyzed protocol for the synthesis of hemiaminal ethers by linking ethers with 1,2,4-triazoles and indazolesvia cross dehydrogenative coupling reaction. Habtamu Abebe, Siddaiah Vidavalur, Venkateswara Rao Battula. ChemistrySelect 2017, 2, 4165.
  3. An efficient TBHP/TBAI-mediated protocol for the synthesis of 4H-chromen-4-ones from chroman-4-ones viaoxidative C-C bond formation. Habtamu Abebe, Suboot Hairat, Mehvash Zaki. MonatshChem , 2020, 151, 599.
  4. TBHP/TBAI–Mediated simple and efficient synthesis of 3,5-disubstituted and 1,3,5-trisubstituted 1H-1,2,4-triazoles via oxidative decarbonylation of aromatic aldehydes and testing for antibacterial activities.Habtamu Abebe, Habdolo Esatu, Suboot Hairat, Mehvash Zaki, Tetrahedron letter 2020, 61, 151989
  5. Direct TBHP/TBAI-Mediated N-benzylation of azoles using benzyl chlorides via oxidative cross-coupling under metal-free conditionsand testing for antibacterial activities. Habtamu Abebe Agisho (a) SubootHairat, (b) MehvashZakic MonatshChem , 2020,xy, xyz
  6. Ecofriendly green synthesis and characterization of silver nanoparticles from root extract of Echinopskebericho and their antimicrobial activity against human pathogenic bacteria,.Hairat Suboot, Agisho Habtamu, Hairat Awaz, Esatu Habdolo, JFPP, 2020, XY, XY
  7. Phytochemical investigation on leaf extract of Adhatodaschimperiana, Ethiopia,.Habtamu Abebe, BelayhunKibret (PhD), Adane Haile, Journal of Medicinal PlantsStudies, 2014,2,23
  8. Phytochemical Investigation on the Roots of SolanumIncanum, Hadiya Zone, Ethiopia., Habtamu Abebe, Tamene Gebre, Adane Haile, Journal of Medicinal PlantsStudies, 2014,2,83
  9. Traditional medicinal plants utilization, management and threats in Hadiya Zone, Ethiopia,.Habtamu Agisho , Mulatu Osie ,Tsdeke Lambore, Journal of Medicinal PlantsStudies, 2014,2,83
  10. The effect of soil physico-chemical properties on wheat production in Haddiya zone mishaworeda, Ethiopia ,IJMER, 2015, 4, 177. Tadewos Damena , Elias Gizawu , Habtamu Abebe.
  11. An assessment on enset management, marketing and threats in Haddiya zone Mishaworeda, Ethiopia, IJMER, 2014, 3, 123. Habtamu Agisho ,Mulatu Osie, Dagnechew Degu.