Dear Graduates,

I would like to sincerely congratulate you upon your graduation on the behalf of

Wachemo University and myself. You all accomplished one of the major early milestones of

your lives: University graduation. This is a major step in the journey of your lives, one that

should be recognized for its immense significance. It is an act not only of personal commitment,

but also one of pride. You all worked hard to get to this day, and your work did not go to waste.

Well, you did it. Congratulations!

But graduation is not an end goal in itself; it is instead a part of the larger journey of life.

Wherever your future takes you, let it take you somewhere. Life is a journey, and all

accomplishments you achieve during its course should be taken as starting points for further

achievements. Your graduation should serve as such a launching point, projecting you to

wherever your futures are meant to take you, whether you land yourselves a career, take up a

trade, or continue your education.

But before you can begin to reach for the stars, there is one more personal milestone that

your all need to reach. Most people who graduate from University experience only one

graduation. But you all have one more shortly ahead of you. You’ve already shown your

commitment to personal growth through making it to this ceremony today, but soon, all of you

will experience another ceremony when you graduate from your programs. As I said before, life

is a journey— you don’t stop growing once you get your degrees. Life is about growing, and

being in your programs gives each of you new opportunities to continue growing and to learn

new skills that you will carry with you for the rest of your lives.

And you don’t have to stop there! This graduation has already shown you how capable

you all are of accomplishing your goals when you commit yourselves to them. I hope all of you

here today can take this personal accomplishment as an example of how anything is truly

possible when you put your minds to it. As you all continue on in your lives, take each new

problem on with confidence, knowing that you have achieved great heights and are equipped

with the necessary tools to tackle your futures.

The road that lies ahead may not be easy. There will be obstacles and missed exits,

potholes and roadblocks. But that doesn’t mean you give up on yourselves. Keep pushing,

because you know you can achieve your dreams, and because you are worth it.

From this day forward, I encourage you to make each decision with your best interests in

mind. Believe in yourselves so that you may reach your goals and fulfill your dreams. Let us be

the best that we can be so that we may fill our lives and the lives of those closest to us with

happiness and with pride. You’ve already taken the first step by making it to this ceremony

today—now, it’s time to take the next steps in the journey that is your lives and begin to build

your futures. Let your light shine in the society!!

Tessew Gebre (Ph.D),

President of Wachemo University