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Motto: “Striving to create a reading-driven society

Message from the Director

desmissie sumoroDemissie Sumoro (Library Director)

Well come to Wachemo University website. It is an academic library intended to provide updated information resources to the teaching-learning, research and community service. Students, instructors, and researchers of the colleges/institutions of the university are the main users of the university library system though it stands to serve the whole community of the university and the society live in the university catchment areas. As one of the functional component of the university, it is responsible to deliver quality library services effectively to fulfill its users’ information need so as to enable them achieve their intended objectives. We are living in the dynamic environment where yesterday’s information is an input for today’s work so as to forecast the tomorrow world. Running with time, cultivating information effectively and appropriately by organizing, disseminating, utilizing and preserving it for further knowledge is the key and fundamental issue of the 21st century. Therefore, we are striving to cop up the current world by proposing the total automation and digitizing of our services as soon as possible. In the near future, we will automate all library services. Hence, exploiting these opportunities is up to the users. Finally, we politely call up all library users for your cooperation in making our dream reality as it is said “Nothing is impossible even the so called impossible.”


  • To be the leading and preferable academic library from the cluster universities and recognized research-oriented library in the country.


  • To support the teaching-learning and research and community service activities by providing up-to-date information for all library users.


  • Develop need based collection development and managing libraries resources efficiently and effectively.

About the university and the library

Wachemo University is one of the third generation Ethiopian public universities. It was established in 2009 and inaugurated in 2012. It started its regular work in 2012 with 538students, 109 academic staffs and 112technical and administrative staffs. The number of faculties was 4 with 12 departments under the faculties.

Since the beginning, Wachemo University Library System (WULS hereafter) began its work in one building. Currently, our library has more than 113 total staff which is insignificant number regarding the existing number of students, more than 20,000 both regular and continuing education students. 

Regarding the services our library provides, still our circulation service are manual, using user cards for both short and long term loans. On top of this, we started digital library with 100 internet connected computers in a single class. This service helps every student from every college to access soft copy materials and solve the scarcity of hard copy materials.

 de digital library

de digital library2


Besides, we tried to collect research products, journals and magazines in our reference, documentation and periodical department so as to provide researchers spring board materials.

In its attempt to achieve the mission and objective of the university, WULS set out deliberately to conduct the following activities.

      Developing and managing collection;

      Identifying and providing learning resources to teachers, researchers and students;

      Managing available resources effectively and efficiently;

      Establishing a conducive environment for study which accommodates multiple learning styles;

      Training users and staffs to develop their information exploration skills for efficient and effective utilization of information resources;

      Carrying out library development work in library and information professionalism with the aim of improving library’s multiple resources;

      Maintaining effective links with other systems at domestic as well as international level.  

       Wachemo University Libraries

        Engineering and Technology College library

       Natural and Computational Science College  Library

      College of Medicine and Health Science (both at university campus and at hospital) Library

      College of  Agriculture Science  Library

      College of Business and Economics library

       College of Social Science and Humanities Library

      School of Law Library


The ULS operates its service in a closed system. WULS possess around 50,000 monographs, physical journals, magazines and audio-visual collections. In addition, it has over 100,000 soft copy materials loaded in 100 internet connected computers.

 de book store

book store

 de book storeCirculation

 de silent reading hallsilent reading hall

Opening Hours

WU Libraries are open from Monday to Sunday & Providing 24 hrs Services.

Wachemo University Library directorate managerialStructure

An organizational Chart is useful visual aid for including the horizontal and vertical structures of an organization. It is a graphic representation of organizational structure showing different positions, spar of control relationship between line and staff positions flow of authority and responsibility relationships.   de manegerial                                                                  

Detailed units and their core activities

  1. Information technology and technical service unit

-          Accusation service

-          Cataloging and classification service

-          Resource system development (Book Data base unit)

-          Book binding service

  1. Digital library unit

-          Digitization technical team

-          Digitized public service 

  1. Periodical and documentation center unit

-          Periodical service

-          Documentation service

  1. Public service unit

-          Circulation shift leader

-          Circulation service

-          Attendant

-          Book store

-          General Stack

-          Long loan service

-          Reference service

  1. Binding, maintenance, and photocopy service unit

-          Photocopy service

-          Binding service

-          Maintenance service


The ULS reference department is the primary gateway to information about all of the library’s services. However, its service providing system is still traditional though we are on the way to digitize its services using De-space software. 

Library Catalogue

The ULS temporarily uses traditional catalogue as its principal gateways to all its collection.

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