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College of Medicine and Health Sciences

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Message from chief Academic and Research Director

Hello, welcome to our page

Here under is a brief description about the establishment and organizational structure of the college. In line with government policies that help promote health, the college, as one of the stakeholders, plays its own part in training different health professionals; namely, medical doctors, public health officers, nurses, midwifes, pharmacists, laboratory technologists and anesthetists. Though it looked appreciable diversity in terms of discipline, we believe that we have a lot to improve pertaining to quality assurance. We are ready to accept any constructive comments. Thank you for visiting our page, please keep in touch with it


Contributing to the success of the country’s growth and transformation plan through delivery of quality education and producing well equipped health care professionals with attitude, knowledge and skills and through doing research and community services that lay the foundation for technology transfer.



To be a center of excellence in educating health care providers in east Africa by 2020 G.C


  • ·Quality
  • ·Commitment
  • Respecting diversity
  • Team work
  • Ethical Behavior
  • Universal
  • Learning always
    • Education: is a national leader in designing and delivering medical and health educational programs.
    • Research: strive to be recognized as a national leader among higher learning institutions in clinical, public health, and health services research, and the linkages among them.
    • Clinical Services: provide highest quality, cost-effective, culturally competent clinical services.
    • Community service: strong commitment to give community service



Historical Background of College of Medicine and Health

Wachemo University is one of the newly established third generation public Universities, having seven colleges. College of medicine and health sciences is one of the seven colleges among the colleges of Wachemo University. It was established in 2012, a year later after the commencement of the service by the University; that allowed ample time for the University to organize and deploy necessary resources including human resources required for the college.

The college began by 159 students and launching four programs namely; medicine, public health officer, nursing and midwifery. After three and four years by opening three more additional program (Anesthesia in 2015/16, and in 2016/17 medical laboratory sciences and pharmacy in generic program and surgical nursing and pediatric nursing specialties in post basic programs), currently we have nine programs. Thus, there are above 1500 students have been enrolled in the nine departments of the in college in regular base. Besides this the college has owned 305 students in summer base in the department of public health officer and nursing programs before the secular provide from ministry of education not to enroll in CEP programs for health science education. The college also launched post graduate program in general MPH at 2016/17 and began with 10 students. Each of the programs is autonomously responsible for coordinating and managing their ongoing teaching learning process. Moreover the college has research and community service coordinating offices which provides coordination of research and community service works; and quality assurance coordinating offices which is responsible for assuring and evaluating the academic programs.

 Starting from the year of 2017 Wachemo University College of medicine and health science owned Nigist Eleni Mohammad Memoral hospital as teaching Hospital.  


College Medicine and Health Science Administration

 Institutional structure of the college is based on Guideline for the Management of Federal Hospitals in Ethiopia encompasses administration and academic wings, both of which are accountable to the Chief Executive Director of the college.  The college has a governing board, Chief Executive Director and Chief Directors for Clinical and practical teaching services, Academic and Research affairs, Administration and Business affairs.

Executive management committee under the CED and composed of all chief Directors

Academic commission under the Chief Academic and Research Director (CARD) and composed of all Department heads, coordinators and different units in the college, is directly involved for decision making when required through their regular meeting.

Executive management committee members include:


Name of Member 


Email address



Dr. Ayano Shanko

Chief Executive Director



Dr. Isreal Tarekegn

Chief Academic and Research Director



Dr. Pawolos Ashebo

Chief Clinical Director



Mr. Teshome

Chief Administration and Business Director



Academic commission members include:


Name of Member 


Email address



Dr. Isreal Tarekegn

Chief Academic and Research Director(chair person)



Dr. Yabets Tariku

Head, preclinical medicine head(members)



Mr. Girma Godebo

Quality assurance coordinator



Mr. Tedasse Lelago

Research and community service coordinator



Ms. Aregash Mecha

Head, department of public health officer



Mr. Eyoel Aate

Head, department of Nursing



Mr. Mulatu Abageda

Reform coordinator



Mr. Adane Eyasu

Head, department of medical laboratory science



Mr. Antenah Asefa

Head, department of Pharmacy



Mr. Biruk Asefa

Head, department of Midwifery



Mr. Mitiku Desalegn

Head, department of Anesthesia



Mr. Zeleke Dutamo

PG and SRH Unit coordinator



Mr. Ermias Abera

CMHS, Student Social service coordinator



Programs in the college

  1. Undergraduate programs
    1. Medicine
    2. Public health officer
    3. Nursing
    4. Midwifery
    5. Anesthesia
    6. Medical Laboratory Science
    7. Pharmacy
    8. Surgical nursing specialty
    9. Pediatric nursing specialty


Coming soon

  1. ORT nursing specialty
  2. Neonatal nursing specialty
  3. Post graduate program

üGeneral public health

  Coming soon

üReproductive health


College of medicine and health science currently has skill laboratory rooms

üNursing skill laboratory

üMidwifery skill laboratory


üCadaver for medicine students



Nigist Eleni Mohamed Memorial Hospital


Nigist Eleni Mohamed Memorial Hospital


Nigist Eleni Mohamed Memorial Hospital


Nigist Eleni Mohamed Memorial Hospital