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4th Anuual researchThe 4 th Annual National Research Conference was held in Wachemo University from June 2-3, 2017.

The conference was organized by Wachemo University Office of Vice President for Research and Community Service from June 2-3, 2017. The theme of the conference was “Bringing Sustainable Development through Research and Community Engagement”. Various guests and presenters were invited from different parts of the country. At the beginning of the conference, Ergogie Tesfaye (PhD Candidate) Vice President for Research and Community Service of Wachemo University made a welcoming speech. Following this, an opening speech was conveyed by Dr. Tassew Gebre, the President of the Wachemo University.  A keynote speech was made by Professor Habtamu Wondimu about the usage of research and community service for the participants. After this, an overview of Research and Community Service of the University was presented by Mr. Ashenafi Abebe, Research and Development Directorate Director. Then, presentation on “Organic Solar Energy Conversion Based on Conducting Polymers” was made by Professor Teketel Yohannes followed by Mr. Daniel Manore’s presentation on “Baseline Assessment on Productivity Potential, Adaptation and Extracted Seed Oil Quality of Camelina Sativa L. at Hossana Area, Southern Ethiopia”. Camelina, among various uses, is a plant used to prepare oil. Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute also assured this and has given certificate because the University has found this for the first time. Discussion was made on two of the presentations. Then, gifts and group photos were taken. In the afternoon, three presentations were made by Dr. Ing. Getachew Shunki, Dr. Temesgen Abiyo and Dr. Riyaz Ahmed Rather in the plenary sessions. Following this, parallel sessions’ presentations and discussions were made in three halls in the following day. Generally, the findings of 41 oral presentations and 8 posters presentations were presented within the two dates. Finally after the successful completion of the presentations, certificate was given to presenters and closing remark was made by Mr. Nebiyu Dereje, Chief Executive Director for College of Medicine and Health Sciences.