Habtamu Abebe (PhD)
President of Wachemo University

Wachemo University is one of the leading comprehensive universities in Ethiopia founded in 2004 E.C. The university has been working hard to achieve its mission of teaching learning, research and community service, and it has continued producing qualified and productive manpower. To this end, the university focuses on academic quality, equity, and fairness.

Wachemo University has three campuses: Main campus, Durame campus and Nigist Eleni Mohamed Memorial Comprehensive Specialized Hospital. It has also seven agricultural and technology transfer centers, and seven teaching and centers.

Finally, Wachemo University Future Focus Areas: Agro-processing, Sustainable Energy, Indigenous Knowledge and Green Tourism, and Integrated Town Development.


Aspires to become one of the ten first universities in Ethiopia and home of brilliants by 2017 E.C


To deliver proficient Graduates equipped with knowledge, skill and attitude by providing relevant and quality education; produce new knowledge and technology by conducting problem solving research; transform community livelihoods by strengthening community-industry partnership, technology transfer and advisory, training healthy services; enhance sustainable institutional capacity and integrated leadership. In doing so, the University endeavors to contribute to the fulfillment of sector goals and attainment.


  • Student centeredness
  • Brilliance
  • Quality
  • Research and Innovation
  • Efficiency Trustworthiness
  • Accountability and Transparency
  • Intolerance of Corruption
  • Unity and Cooperation
  • Diversity and Globalization