Background information about college

College of Natural and Computational Sciences is opened to achieve mission, vision and values of the university. College of Natural and Computational Sciences has been established during the academic year 2012 with 166 students with four departments, namely, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Sport science.

Currently, the college has nine departments, namely, department of Mathematics, Statistics Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Geology, sport science and industrial chemistry. College of Natural and Computational Sciences has giving courses for undergraduate, CEP (summer and extension in main campus and different center) and post graduate program. Since 2012 G.C the college has been training and awarding students in BSc in Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Geology and Sport science. In addition, Statistics, Chemistry, Biotechnology and Sport science departments have been training and awarding students in masters of Science degree.

The college has 9 BSc and 15 MSc Programs .In addition there are three PhD and Three MSc ongoing programs which might be started in near future. Concerning to the staff members of the college, there are 110 academic staffs (81 MSc and 29 PhD); 30 technical staffs and 14 administrative staffs. Moreover, there are 50 academic staffs who are on their study leave (1 MSc 49 PhD and 4 technical staffs on their study leave (MSc).

The college has a total of 2,312 active students in different programs. Of these 2,063 (628 regular, 719 summer, and 716 weekend) are studying at undergraduate program, 249(110 regular and 139 weekend) students at MSc levels.