Message from the Dean

Welcome to Wachemo University School of Law!
I am thrilled to impart this message on behalf of the school. School of Law of Wachemo University was launched in 2016 (2009 E.C). Since its establishment, the school has been undertaking several activities to achieve its overall goals.

The school aspires to prepare and produce high-caliber and competent legal professionals who work for the prevalence of the rule of law, democracy, constitutionalism, human rights, good governance, tolerance, social justice, and development. It was established with the aim to train and educate human power to meet the ever-increasing needs of Ethiopian society in the field of law.

Moreover, the school has the objective of producing a vibrant research community to generate knowledge through research and publication, as well as solving problems within the community. However, the realization of this needs effort and commitment on the part of the staff members of the school in strengthening the teaching-learning process, doing problem-solving research, and engaging in community services. It also requires cooperation and working with other institutions and Law Schools nationwide and outside. Therefore, all the esteemed staff of the school should feel responsible and play their part in this endeavor. I also call for the contribution and collaboration from other stakeholders, such as law students, the university community, and other institutions, to realize the objectives set to be achieved.

Once again, I welcome you all to Wachemo University School of Law. Thank you!