College of Social Sciences and Humanities

Message from Dean

Welcome to Wachemo University College of Social Sciences and Humanities (CSSH).

Wachemo University is one of Ethiopia's third-generation universities. Although the university is relatively new and falls under the category of Comprehensive Universities, it is deeply dedicated to provide undergraduate programs, conducting research, and offering community services. The College of Social Sciences and humanities was launched in 2011 G.C. with the establishment of Wachemo University by the Regulation No. 222/2011 of the Council of Ministers of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. Since then, it has made remarkable progress in numerous academic disciplines, research endeavors, and community involvement. These efforts have positively impacted not only the students and campus community but also the residents of the surrounding areas and the entire country.

The CSSH is offering various fields of studies both in UG and PG levels in different programs such as Regular, Weekend and Summer programs. These programs are being offered in various departments such as Geography and Environmental Studies, English Language and Literature, Sociology, Civics and Ethical Studies, Hadiya Language and Literature, History and Heritage Management, Governance and Development Studies and Journalism and Communication. In addition, the college is offering MA programs in six specializations such as TEFL(Teaching English as a Foreign Language), Peace and Conflict Studies, Social Anthropology, Sustainable Natural Resource Management, Socio-economic and Environmental Planning and Applied Linguistics and Communication in Hadiyyisa aiming at developing knowledge and skills in various areas of studies. Besides the above programs, the college is striving to launch both MA and PhD programs. Students graduating from any of the eight UG and six PG programs can expect to easily join successful professions. In doing so, our dedicated academicians and staff are deeply committed to providing the best education possible, fostering critical thinking and developing skills that will open doors in various chosen careers.

I am delighted to represent this significant college which is devoted to deliver quality education, producing highly skilled professionals, conducting impactful research, and serving the community through problem-solving initiatives. I encourage you to visit our website and explore the diverse range of departments we offer in both UG and PG levels in regular, weekend and summer programs. I kindly welcome you if you have suggestions that strengthen the college in various ways.

Tadele Abate
Dean, CSSH