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Dr. Riyaz Ahmad Rather, (WCU, 2018)

Abstract The Rh incompatibility has a proven complication among the couples during pregnancy. The complications vary in different parts of the world. The stumpy occurrence of Rh negativity frequen


ABSTRACT In Ethiopia, agricultural productivity in general and wheat productivity in particular is low and has been a critical problem to meet the demand of wheat for the ever growing population. T

Abera Fikre (MSc)……………………. Principal investigator Erchafo Mohammad (MSc)…………… Co – investigator, (WCU, 2019)

ABSTRACT An assessment will be conducted to identify the type and number of invasive alien plant species found in Hadiya zone, southern Ethiopia and community's perception on their socioeconomic a

Tesfaye Dolebo (principal researcher) Sisay G/mariam (co-researchers) Mulugeta Tegesse (co-researchers), (WCU, 2018)

ABSTRACT Plyometric training is an important training program to improving physical fitness of handball project team. The study was conducted to find out the effect of twelve weeks plyometrc traini

Tadege Belay - PI (Inorganic Chemistry) Dereje Bizuayehu - CI (Analytical Chemistry), (WCU, 2017)

Abstract The present research work was conducted to determine the extent of cholesterol, acid value, peroxide value and selected metal content from six vegetable oils (Tena soybean, Tena sun flowe