Department of Environmental Science

The study of the Environment now has increasing practical significance because of the growing impact of our activities on Environmental processes and our need to monitor and manage those impacts using scientific knowledge.

For many centuries, humans have continued to draw all the support resources from the Environment. In most cases, the by-products of the resources used are dumped in the Environment. This is done without considering potential negative effects that may result.

Ethiopia is currently facing both old as well as emerging environmental problems which require skilled manpower to respond accordingly. The vicious circle of poverty and environmental degradation has been recognized by the government of Ethiopia and its people as the main deterring force from advancing towards sustainable development.

Above all, the laws and policies, which are related to protection and utilization of resources, are currently inadequate and the existing ones do not fully provide for sustainability of Environmental resources.

Trained Environmental custodians at the grass-root levels are inadequate or lacking. This program will aim to reduce this gap. In order to provide safety valves to our production, manage the ecological systems that are highly susceptible to stress, and monitor Environmental quality, there is need to train Environmental scientists who will be able to identify environmental problems, plan and implement for solution and finally provide advisory services on the overall use, conservation and enhancement of Environmental quality.

In this respect training of students can play a pivotal role in identifying environmental problems and seek action-oriented solutions. As a result, the environmental science program is geared toward by the application of different choices to solve natural as well as anthropological pressure on the environment of the country.


The department owns Environmental Analytical Chemistry lab (Soil, water and microbiology) equipped with the necessary equipments such as water deionizers, spectrophotometers, autoclaves, water distillers, Gas analyzers, Water quality test kits, pH meters, electronic balance and light microscopes. Moreover the department has computer lab (RS & GIS lab) and smart class rooms.

  • Environmental science laboratory
  • Soil science laboratory

Research and community

Research and community services undertaken recently and in progress

  • Boyo watershed modeling
  • Biogas

Research Thematic Areas:

  • Environmental pollution
  • Waste management
  • Land degradation and rehabilitation
  • Biodiversity management and conservation
  • Climate change and its management
  • Energy and environment
  • Environment and sustainable development
  • Bio-fertilizer
  • Environmental greening and beautification