Department of Horticulture

Message from Departmet Head

The Department of Horticulture at Wachemo University, which was officially created in 2016 within the confines of the main university campus with the goal of teaching professional workers in the horticulture field. The department has a national responsibility to create an adequately prepared workforce to meet the needs of the country through educational programs leading to professional degrees in horticultural disciplines. In addition to its instructional programs, the department offers community services. It conducts research in vegetable crop production, fruit crop production, medicinal plants, and landscape design, with the ultimate goal of expanding Ethiopia's food resources by increasing productivity.

Department of Horticulture

To address new societal demands, the department is currently working hard to extend its training programs at various levels in a variety of horticultural crop production and allied science disciplines.

The program aims to generate skilled horticulturists who can benefit society in the following ways: Encourage and spread agricultural technology by educating farmers, Crop disease prevention and management in horticulture, and Engage in research endeavors within their respective professional domains of expertise, imparting knowledge and instruction on horticultural crops, Establishing and overseeing the general management of farms and horticultural nurseries, and examining the safety and quality of the horticulture produce.

Our devoted young employees have a wealth of experience and are enthusiastic about their work. They are dedicated to offering a thought-provoking and encouraging learning atmosphere where you may participate in deep conversations, practical experience, and critical thinking. In addition to classroom instruction, refresher courses will be offered. These will cover topics such as designing, carrying out, overseeing, and evaluating horticultural projects; creating and facilitating training programs for specialized horticultural knowledge and skills in agricultural colleges, universities, and training centers; committing to live and work in the farming community; starting and managing private horticultural farms as a means of self-employment in the field; and providing short-term training on horticultural crop problems for farm personnel, among other things. Once again, welcome to the Department of Horticulture, Wachemo University.

“Let your light shine in the society!”
ብርሃናችሁ በማህበረሰብ ውስጥ ይብራ