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Ethiopia is one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world, with over 84 languages spoken by various ethnic groups. Unfortunately, many of these languages are endangered and at risk of extinction due to a lack of documentation and preservation efforts, as well as the dominance of more widely spoken languages. This proposal aims to preserve and promote the diverse languages of Ethiopia, recognizing their cultural and social significance, and their potential to contribute to peace, poverty reduction, and sustainable development.


The main objectives of this project are as follows

  • Document and preserve endangered languages in Ethiopia through the creation of written materials, audio and video recordings, and digital archives including online courses through website and mobile application.
  • Promote the use and visibility of these languages through the development of educational materials, language classes, and cultural events.
  • Build capacity within local communities for language documentation and preservation, with a focus on empowering women and marginalized groups.
  • Contribute to peace building and reconciliation efforts by fostering greater understanding and communication between diverse groups.
  • Contribute to poverty reduction by promoting cultural tourism and generating income for local communities.
Pilot Study

As a pilot study, the Team of WACHEMO UNIVERSITY has already promoted the below mentioned Ethiopian Languages in the form of Trilingual Self-study Guide books, Online Courses, mobile applications and Audio Pronunciation CDs.

1. Hadiyyisa 7. Afaan Oromo
2. Kambatissa 8. Awi
3. Tambarsa 9. Tigrigna
4. Sidama Afoo 10. Nuer
5. Gedeo 11.Amharic
6. Halaba 12 Yem
13 Silte

Website for learning all the Ethiopian Languages:

ethio language website

Mobile applications in Google Play Store

ethio language mobile

Website to know the meanings of the words on all the Ethiopian Languages:

ethio language dictionary

Books Published

book published