Message from the Director:

In an ever-changing world, global awareness and interconnectedness through internationalization of higher education has a significant role to play in shaping the next generation of learners. Internationalization of higher education promotes sharing of best academic and research practices through interactions between diverse education systems, and helps in developing global citizens through mobility of students and scholars.

Educational institutions, while they cannot accomplish certain ambition alone, may seek partners to fulfill shared goals altogether. The basic idea for developing partnership originates from "forming an alliance of resources and expertise between partnered institutions/organizations aimed to achieving a mutually desired outcome, one that is not likely to be realized without the involvement of both parties".

Wachemo University firmly believes that forming a partnership between two institutions may gain a variety of benefits and it is working towards the achievement of those objectives.

Teams under the office currently:
  1. Dr. Tarikayehu Amanuel - Director, Internationalization and Partnerships Directorate