Wachemo University, Library Directorate

Dear readers, Welcome!

It is an academic library intended to provide updated information resources to the teaching-learning, research and community service. Students, instructors, and researchers of the colleges/institutions of the university are the main users of the university library system though it stands to serve the whole community of the university and the society live in the university catchment areas. As one of the functional component of the university, it is responsible to deliver quality library services effectively to fulfill its users’ information need so as to enable them achieve their intended objectives.

We are living in the dynamic environment where yesterday’s information is an input for today’s work so as to forecast the tomorrow world. Running with time, cultivating information effectively and appropriately by organizing, disseminating, utilizing and preserving it for further knowledge is the key and fundamental issue of the 21st century. Therefore, we are striving to cop up the current world by proposing the total automation and digitizing of our services as soon as possible. In the near future, we will automate all library services. Hence, exploiting these opportunities is up to the users. Finally, we politely call up all library users for your cooperation in making our dream reality as it is said “Nothing is impossible even the so called impossible.”