List Of Programs

BSc programs

Bachelor(BSc ) degree in Plant Sciences

this is a three years BSc degree program with the following objective.

  1. To produce professionals equipped with knowledge in sustainable Plant production, personal and social attributes and entrepreneurial skills.

  2. To conduct basic and applied research in the field of Plant science and to disseminate the generated knowledge to various stakeholders.

Admission Requirements

Successful candidates as per the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Education and the hosting university can be admitted.

Duration of Study

  • 3 years for regular undergraduate program.
  • 4 years for extension undergraduate program.
  • 5 years for summer undergraduate program.

Graduation Requirements

  • Minimum ECTS for graduation is a total of 180
  • 2.0 Or higher cumulative grade point average (CGPA) overall courses and No F grade in any course (s) taken.

Career opportunities

Upon completion of the program, the graduates:

  • Work as an plant science expert in governmental and non-governmental organizations
  • Realize scientific methods of raising farm plant s either directly as entrepreneur or indirectly through extension.
  • Design and conduct research geared towards enhancement of livestock production.
  • Consult/advice in the area of livestock development.
  • Work in Universities/Colleges in areas of teaching, research and development.