College of Business and Economics

Administration of CoBE

The college of Business and Economics has both academic and administrative staff members who are directly accountable to the Dean of the college and other concerning bodies of the University. The college also has its own Academic Commission (AC) that discusses and passes different decisions on various issues concerning the college and the University. The AC constitutes the Dean as a chairperson, college level coordinators, department heads, and student representatives, at the College and Department levels, as members.

1. Accounting and Finance

2. Economics

3. Management

4. Marketing Management

5. Public Administration and Development Management (PADM)

6. Tourism Management

At present, the college has three post graduate programs in the following departments:

1. Master of Science in Accounting and Finance

2. MA in Development economics

3. Master of Business Administration

Coming Soon!

1. Master of Public Management and Policy

2. Master of Marketing Management