Department of BioTechnology

Graduate Profile

The graduates of Biotechnology program will be expected to work in Agricultural, Medical, Industrial, Environmental protection, Forensic investigation, DNA technology, Bioinformatics and Genomics and research institutes.

Program Requirements for Admission

Students who have successfully completed the preparatory school education and meet the country’s minimum university entrance requirements shall be admitted to the program. Additionally diploma holders from recognized institutions in the fields of biological sciences, Chemistry, Medical & Health sciences, Agriculture, Environmental sciences and other related disciplines can be admitted to the program.

Undergraduate major courses offering

1. Agricultural Biotechnology (Agricultural Biotech, Plant Biotech, Plant cell and tissue culture, Animal Biotech, Animal Breeding, Plant Breeding).

2. Industrial Biotechnology (Molecular Biology, Industrial Biotech, Enzyme technology, Microbial Biotech, Genetic Engineering, Bioinformatics, Nano Biotech, Biochemical Engineering, Fuel Biotechnology, Food Biotechnology and Molecular Marker and their Application).

3. Medical Biotechnology (Medical Biotech, Immuno technology, Diagnostic technology, Forensic Biotech, Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Biotech)

4. Environmental Biotechnology (Environmental Biotech, Biosafety, Intellectual Property Right and Bioethics, Biodiversity and Conservation of genetic resources and Aquatic Biotechnology)