Department Of Food Science and Postharvest Technology

The Food Science and Postharvest Technology (FSPT) B.Sc. degree curriculum is a four years (4) degree program. The department was established in Wachemo University College of Agriculture September 2016 in G.C. with 2 lecturer and 51 students.

The aim is to promote teaching and research that effectively contributes to national, regional and global efforts to promote value addition, food safety and food security and producing well trained graduates, equipped with knowledge and skills to meet manpower requirement of food industry, post harvest handing and nutritional aspects.

Now the department contains 3 batches: 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students and first batches are fourth year students. The first batch students will be graduated officially in the upcoming 2020G.C. with B.Sc in Food Science and Post-harvest Technology.


The department owns Food Science and Post Harvest Technology lab equipped with important equipments like UV/VIS spectrophotometer, rotary evaporator, baking oven, water purifier, distiller, incubator, muffle furnace, drying oven Soxhlet extractor, centrifuge, extruder, autoclave, water bath etc.

Facility for academic purpose

  • Food Science and post harvest technology laboratory
  • Computer laboratory

Partnership and Collaboration

  • National Collaboration
  • Different food processing industry in Ethiopia