Department of Natural Resources Management

The Department of Natural Resources Management was launched in the Wachemo University, College of Agriculture since 2005 E.C. It is one of the oldest Departments in the college of Agriculture Science as well as in the University as it has producing under graduate students in BSc & launched MSc program in the field of Agroforestry in 2019.

Facilities and Material Resources:

  • laboratories (soil laboratory instrument & chemicals)
  • Nursery site
  • GIS laboratory ( planed to set up in 2020)
  • Herbarium (planed to set up in 2020)
  • Arboretum(planed to set up in 2020)
  • Field tools and equipments (Digital camera, GPS, soil color chart, Topographic maps, Binocular, Video camera, …)

Research and Community Service

  • Improvement of soil fertility management.
  • Sustainable forest management & training on consequences of deforestation on environmental & economic conditions.
  • Integrated watershed management in different catchments of Wachemo University.