Department of Natural Resources Management


  • It is obvious that combating land degradation will be the major challenges in the coming decades.
  • The Program is intended to satisfy the educational needs of students with an interest in a wide variety of natural resource fields, issues and career aspirations.
  • It is expected to satisfy the professional and research demands of the region and the country and thereby contributing to reverse the present natural resource degradation of the region and the country at large. On the other hand, regardless of the critical problems we have been challenged associated with degradation of natural resources, development programs and activities in the country, particularly at the grass root levels, have been managed by professionals who are graduates of other agricultural fields.
  • Almost all the professionals at the grass root level are diploma holders with long field experience and limited knowledge of management of natural resources.
  • However, the problem of natural resources degradation has been becoming a serious issue that demands an urgent solution.


  • The program of Natural Resource Management (NRM) envisions to become a nurturing academic and research program for
  • (i) producing knowledgeable and skilled professionals who upon graduation can effectively and creatively work on an integrated use and management of natural resources,
  • (ii) generating and communicating problem oriented technologies and techniques in NRM, and
  • (iii) ultimately evolve as a centre of excellence in NRM education and research in the country as well as the region.


  • To educate students to the best international standards and to prepare them for careers in professional work, research, community services and capacity building.
  • To provide scientific education and skilled learners & to conduct research & offering community services related to the thematic areas identified in the Wcu catchment.