Department of BioTechnology


The Department has qualified staff specialized in various disciplines. The staff members are dedicated for institutional development and above all, they are well equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge in their respective disciplines. Currently the department has 10 teaching staff.

Laboratory Facilities

Currently the department of biotechnology has established basic biological science laboratory, Molecular biology laboratory, Plant cell and tissue culture laboratory, Microbial Biotechnology, Medical biotechnology laboratory. In addition, Genomics and Genetic Engineering and Bioinformatics laboratory are going on to be established.

Research Themes

Agricultural Biotechnology (Plant and Animal Biotechnology applications), Molecular Biology (advanced breeding) and Bioinformatics (Biological data sequencing and running) Industrial (Enzyme, Food processing and Pharmaceutical products) and Environmental Biotechnology (Pollution control, Bioremediation, Biogas production) Medical Biotechnology and Microbial Biotechnology application

There are several fully equipped laboratories in the department.