Institute Of Technology


The establishment of Institute of Technology were in 2004 E.C. with the Wachemo University’s starting of its official work. At the beginning the Institutestart its official work with three departments Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and, Electrical & Computer Engineering.

In 2005 E.C. The faculty of Engineering at the time upgrade its status by launching four new departments namely Chemical Engineering, Construction Technology Management (COTM), Computer Science and Information Technology).

Later the college also increased number of departments from five to eleven by opening four departments (Architecture, Geomatics, Information System and Software Engineering) in 2008 E.C.

Now the Institute of Technology has totally thirteen undergraduate and two postgraduate programs.

In 2009 E.C. the college split the thirteen departments under two schools called School of Engineering science and school of Computing and informatics.

In 2012 E.C Engineering School also formed into two schools i.e School of Electrical and Mechanical, and School of Civil and Construction