Institute Of Technology

College Administration

The college includes administration and academic wings which are accountable for the dean of college. The academic commission which have power in all academic issues under the college consist twenty members including the dean of college, school deans, coordinators of different offices and heads of departments under the college. This academic commission directly involved in decision making in their regular meeting.

The lists of the members are as follows:

No. Name of Members Position Email address
1. Mr Mulugeta Daniel Director, Institute Of Technology
2. Mr. Berihun Wondimu Dean, Institute Technology Academic Affair
3. Mr Zeleke Dagefe Coordinator, IoT Quality Assurance and Enhancement
4. Mr. Mathewos Lolamo Dean, IoT Research and UIL
5. Mis.Selamawit Taye Coordinator, Pre-Engineering
6. Mr Aschalew Tirulo Dean, Computing and Informatics School
7. Mr. Alemayehu Kebede Dean, Electrical and Mechanical School
8. Dean, Civil and Construction School
9. Coordinator,IoT Reform and Good Government
10. Mr Habtamu Chane Head, Department of Civil Engineering
11. Mr Anjelo Lidetu Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering
12. Mr Tsegaye Matalo Head, Department of COTM
13. Mr Lucas G/Mariam Head, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
14. Mr.Zinabu Wolde Head, Department of Chemical Engineering
15. Mr.Fitsume Gizachew Head, Department of Computer Science
16. Mr.Wubetu Barud Head, Department of Information Technology
17. Mr. Addisyihun Abayneh Head, Department of Architecture
18. Mr. Melese Yohannes Head, Department of Geomatics Engineering
19. Mr. Israel Mitiku Head, Department of Information System
20. Mis. Selamawit Birhanu Head, Department of Software Engineering
21. Mr. Natiniel Aman Head, Department of Electromechanical Engineering
22. Mr. Akililu Getahun Head, Department of Hydraulics and water resource Eng.
23. Miss. Meron Seid CET Continuing education coordinator
24. Coordinator, IoT Registrar
25. Coordinator, IoT Community Service
26. Mr.Tsegaye Metalo Coordinator, IoT practical Education