Pedagogical Training Center Director
Director's Message

As to the Ministry of Education (MoE), the HDP program is being launched to enhance teachers' competence and proficiency in teaching and to ensure the quality of education and academic performance of individuals. The Pedagogical Training Center started rolling activities in 2012 E.C. with a new structure with three coordinators: PGDT coordinator, HDP Coordinator, and ELIC coordinator. Nowadays, the pedagogical training center has two coordinators: an HDP Coordinator and an ELIC coordinator

Vision and mission will be under the umbrella of the university.

Vision of the University: Aspires to become one of the ten first universities in Ethiopia and home of brilliants by 2017 E.C.

Mission of the University: The University is Committed To Excellence In Teaching Research Development and Community Services For The benefit of the citizens of Ethiopia and the world, it provides the highest quality undergraduate and graduate programs geared towards developing new understandings through research and creativity, and it prepares students to assume roles in leadership, Responsibility and service to society and country at large. The major activities of PTCD are:

  • Collaboration with higher diploma programs coordinating office
  • Implementing continuous professional development (CPD) in higher education for HDP candidates
  • Give different training for university instructors with the HDP coordinator
  • Create a link with the host country for virtual training on academic writing skills from Peace Corps Voluntary Service Peace Corps Response service
  • Give training on assessment and desired activities for university instructors
  • Give training on improving the English language for university instructors with the coordination of the ELIC
  • Give and manage Higher Diploma Program (HDP) Training for three campuses with the coordination of the HDP coordinator
Coordinator Details

No. Name Position Contacts Email ID
1 Alemu Dobech HDP coordinator 0932545599
2 Tamirat Hailemaryam ELIC coordinator 0910513621 -
3 Gebriel Alemu PTCD Minion 0924664555