Department of Animal Sciences

Program Objectives

  • To produce qualified and competent professionals in the field both nationally and internationally
  • To produce professionals with knowledge, skill, and attitude in Animal Sciences
  • To conduct guided and applied research in livestock production
  • To acquaint students with senses of being initiative for continuous learning and develop the ability of individual work as well as creativity

General Objectives

  • The general objective of the program is to produce qualified specialists in the area Of Tropical Animal Production and Health equipped with sufficient theoretical knowledge, practical skills and latest scientific techniques to deal with the interaction between husbandry and health in production systems adapted to tropical region.
  • To offer training that leads to an MSc Degree in Animal Production and Health to and manage the problems or identify the problems early and call up other professionals/specialists;
  • To increase livestock production and productivity by providing sufficient knowledge to animal science professionals and veterinarians with the latest knowledge and skills in animal production system and health management and;
  • To strengthen the teaching, research activities, and community service of the department of animal and range science as well as other teaching and research institutes found in d/t corner of the country.