Department Of Animal Sciences

Program profile

The department provides three years regular Bachelor's degree program in Animal sciences and has a total of 182ECTS and the program offers 46 courses .beside the department also provides 2 years regular and 3-year weekend Msc program a total of 34(33) credit hours and the program offers 11 courses.

List of programs

BSc programs

  • Bachelor(BSc ) degree in Animal Sciences

MSc programs

  • Masters( MSc) in Animal production and health(regular and weekend )

The Program

BSc programs

  • Bachelor(BSc ) degree in Animal Sciences
  • Animal Sciences: this is a three years BSc degree program with the following objective.
  • To produce professionals equipped with knowledge in sustainable Animal production, personal and social attributes and entrepreneurial skills.
  • To conduct basic and applied research in the field of Animal Science and to disseminate the generated knowledge to various stakeholders.


  • Successful completion of the preparatory program and pass a national examination.
  • Placement as advance standing student
  • Interest in Animal sciences and Production
  • For extension degree program, applicants who already graduated with a degree from related fields and diploma level shall be admitted, In addition, all applicants should be able to cover their tuition fees which are payable at the beginning of each semester during registration.

M.Sc. programs

  • This is two Years academic program for Regular students: A Master candidate may be allowed to continue for up to a maximum of four years if it can be shown that the extension is required by force majeure and if it is recommended by the DGC and AC/DC. Such an extension of time shall be recommended by the DGC and approved by the AC/DC every semester.
  • Summer and weekend: 3 years, an additional one academic year with justifiable reason and if it is recommended by the DGC and AC/DC.
  • Type: - Regular, and weekend.


  • Applicants must have completed the academic requirements for the Bachelor’s of degree in Animal Science or other related sciences from accredited higher learning institutions.
  • The candidate must pass a qualifying (entrance) examination in the field of study.
  • The candidate must be supported by at least three letters of recommendation preferably from the candidate's undergraduate instructors, employers, and professional associations.
  • Non-animal science majors admitted to the program may be required to take some prerequisite courses from the undergraduate program. These courses will be worked out by the Department Graduate Council and approved by the graduate faculty based on the B.Sc. credentials of the student.
  • Preferably two years of work experience after a BSc in Animal Science or DVM or related fields
  • A candidate should submit a testimony of financial support
  • A candidate should have CGPA of minimum 2 in his/her BSc/DVM degree from accredited University or other institutions.