Department of Environmental Science


General Objectives

The goal of this training aims at producing high caliber environmental science professional that can collect and interpret environmental information to understand the physical environment to manage, solve and conduct research so as to respond the prevailing and /or emerging environmental problem in the nation.

Specific Objectives

  • To respond the existing and emerging environmental issues at different sectors.
  • To involve in environmental policy and decision making systems at various levels.
  • To produce professionals that are able to undertake aid, promote, guide and co-ordinate researches and environmental impact assessment.
  • To contribute for the achievement of sustainable development in the nation
  • Acquire the students with knowledge, skill and attitude about the environment.
  • To identify effect and prevention method of natural and anthropological activities in environmental depletion and pollution.
  • Rendering professional service to the community in matters pertaining to the fields of environmental science
  • To conduct scientific researches in the field of environmental science
  • To participate in scientific conferences, forums and workshops.