Department of Natural Resources Management

Graduate Profile

  • The B.Sc. graduates of the Natural Resources Management program at their graduation will be:
  • Competent in the principle, techniques and inventorization of stocks and distribution of Natural Resources and the opportunities they offer for socio-economic developments and environmental integrity
  • Able to analyze problems encountering the Natural Resources, design an integrated and environmentally sound solutions by considering policies and legislations, and by coordinating and reconciling the varied interests of different parties through analysis, identification and participation of stakeholders,
  • Able to design and implement problem orientated researches and development projects, provide advices for policy makers, teach courses and offer various training programs in Natural Resource Management areas and provide consultancy.
  • Able to apply modern tools and techniques in management of Natural Resources and environmental protections, work for continuous refinement and upgrading of existing practices, and become competent entrepreneurs in their fields of experts, and
  • Do feasibility studies, plan, implement, monitor and evaluate programs/projects related to natural resources management on sustainable basis,
  • Able to work in multi-disciplinary team to solve Natural Resource Management related problems.
  • Graduates of the department of plant sciences program are well equipped with knowledge, skills and attitude needed