Department of Natural Resources Management

Program profile

Graduation Requirements

According to the rules and regulations of the university, students in this program will be able to graduate if and only if:

  • They complete a minimum of 110 Credit hours course or 180 ECTS
  • They attain minimum CGPA of 2.00 and better on major courses and over all courses
  • They attain minimum CGPA of 2.00 and better on major courses and over all courses
  • No F grades in any course they have taken

List of programs

  • BSc programs
    • Bachelor(BSc ) degree in Natural Resources Management
  • M.Sc. programs
    • Masters( MSc) in Agroforestry (regular and weekend )

BSc programs

  • BSc degree in Natural Resources Management
  • Natural Resources Management: The duration of study of the undergraduate (BSc) program in Natural Resources Management is three (3) academic years (six semesters) for regular admission.


Admission requirements for the regular degree programs will be like the other study programs of the university. Similarly, the criteria for admission set for full time degree programs are the criteria to be employed for admission to the degree program in the continuing education of the university. Students to be admitted in the summer program must be diploma holders and above with a minimum GPA of 2.00 from recognized higher learning institutions. Applicants for the evening program on the other hand will be treated

MSc programs

Regular: The program is a two years program, with one year (2 semesters) taught courses and one year for research project proposal writing, conducting research in a specific area of agroforestry and defending a thesis.

Summer and Weekend: Three academic years, one additional academic year with justifiable reason and if it is recommended by the DGC and AC/DC.

Objectives Of The MSc. Program

  • To produce human resource capable of solving problems in agroforestry
  • To produce professionals that will be involved as educators in higher and medium level training institutions.
  • To produce well versed agroforestry practitioners who could be able to offer advisory services to private and public sectors

General objective:

The main objective of the program is to produce competent agroforestry professionals who undertake teaching, research, extension and community service in agroforestry.

The specific objectives include:

  • To produce human resource capable with strong theoretical and practical knowledge of agroforestry.
  • To produce professionals who can assess and improve the efficiency of various agroforestry technologies to enhance their productivity.
  • To produce professional who build agroforestry knowledge and experiences database
  • To produce professionals that will address pressing natural resource related problems through conducting basic and applied research so as to generate and disseminate technologies relevant to agroforestry.


  • Candidates who meet the following requirements may be admitted to the program in line with other Wachemo University rules and regulations governing graduate program.
  • An applicant should have CGPA of minimum 2.00 in his/her BSC degree from accredited universities or other institutions.
  • BSC degree in the fields of Natural Resources Management, Plant Sciences, Forestry, Agro-forestry, Soil and Water Resources, Biology, Wildlife, Biodiversity, Environmental Science, Physical Geography, and related fields.
  • Preferable two years of work experience after a BSC in NRM or related fields
  • A candidate should submit a testimony of financial support.
  • Students are also required to meet other requirements set by the University legislation and its post graduate rules and regulation.
  • In cases of limited placement, disabled and female applicants will be given a priority.
  • If candidates have the same academic records, the right one could be chosen by testing his knowledge in the area of Agroforestry.

Candidates who satisfy all the above requirements will be required to sit and pass entrance exam.

Career Opportunities :

  • The B.Sc. graduates of the NRM program at their graduation will be:
  • Competent in the principle, techniques and inventorization of stocks and distribution of Natural Resources and the opportunities they offer for socio-economic developments and environmental integrity
  • Able to analyze problems encountering the Natural Resources, design an integrated and environmentally sound solutions by considering policies and legislations, and by coordinating and reconciling the varied interests of different parties through analysis, identification and participation of stakeholders
  • Able to design and implement problem orientated researches and development projects, provide advices for policy makers, teach courses and offer various training programs in Natural Resource Management areas and provide consultancy.
  • Able to apply modern tools and techniques in management of Natural Resources and environmental protections, work for continuous refinement and upgrading of existing practices, and become competent entrepreneurs in their fields of experts
  • Do feasibility studies, plan, implement, monitor and evaluate programs/projects related to natural resources management on sustainable basis
  • Able to work in multi-disciplinary team to solve Natural Resource Management related problems.