Wachemo University, Deliverology Unit Directorate

Teacher's Assessment Improvement

Description: To improve teacher's performance and classroom practices through reliable, objective, independent, transparent, and validated assessments.

Outcome Measure: Improved teacher performance as seen in internal and external evaluation results.

Definition of success:

Short term: Independent, reliable and reflective teacher assessment process in place, which provides reliable information on teacher competency gaps and performance differentiation.

Medium term: Little to no differentiation between internal and external assessment results (convergence of results leading to reliable internal assessments)

Long term: Competent teachers with improved pedagogical skills, leading to improved quality of education.


  1. Revised teacher evaluation checklist
  2. Awareness among involved stakeholders
  3. Internal evaluation system in place
  4. External evaluation in place
  5. Validated performance report
  6. Reward and incentives introduced