Dear distinguished visitors,

Student social service office is here to help students with regard to dining, dormitory, health and disability support service for students assigned at Nigist Elleni Mohamed memorial comprehensive specialized hospital.

Dining service

Currently we have one dining hall which will accommodate about 120 students at a time. We take a great care to make every dining experience to be delicious and nutritional to our students. Students get dining service at breakfast time (12:30-2:30LT), Lunch time (5:30-7:00LT) and dinner time (10:30-12:30LT).

Dormitory service

We believe quality living environment plays a great role on students’ academic performance. Our dormitories are a place where students live in a community that values friendship and academic success. In planning and operating our dormitories, we want to meet students’ needs in every way possible.

We currently have a dormitory at Nigist Elleni Mohamed Memorial Comprehensive Specialized Hospital that can hold roughly 280 students.

Health service

Being in good health is one of the basic prerequisite for good academic performance. Thus, we strive to provide the best care possible through our hospital health professionals in a manner that is welcoming and respectful of everyone. Our students have right to get full time health service at our hospital in case if they report any health related queries.

If you have questions regarding students social service, please feel free to contact me via contact address provided bellow.

Mitiku Desalegn
Lecturer, Student Social Service Coordinator at CMHS
Tel: +251926247602